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The most important day!

Wedding day

A wedding is a way to mark union of two people. It’s also a life promise for love and trust…

A ceremony which needs to be in memories for entire life. The wedding day, is just another important day in human’s life. It’s a start of a new life together with the loved person, such memories need to be engraved in photos. A photo can say thousands of words. At the right time, right moment it can capture those loving feelings.

Make the most important day!

Engagement day!

A mutual promise of two people to marry…

This is an ancient promise which has been practiced for several hundred years. An engagement is an emotional and romantic occasion. Getting engaged is an official announcement of intention to marry. With the acceptance of the ring, both parties are expressing their will to marry each other one day.

Update your portfolio with professional images!


Portrait photography is the type of photography where you can showcase yourself how you’d like to look…

This is all about capturing yourself, your identity, soul, emotions and personality by utilizing different compositions such as different places, poses and lighting.  Portrait photography is also a way to update your social media platform with better high end quality images, or updating your acting portfolio for model agencies.

Happy Feelings are there to capture all these emotions and feelings...

There’s  nothing more important than capturing and engraving memories, feelings of an eternal photo.

Professional Equipment

In order to deliver better image quality, I’ve been using latest professional cameras, and high end lenses which delivers sharp and in focus images. With professional equipment, your day is guaranteed.

Awesome Support

Great support from my side. In order to keep your day secured, there will be awesome communication. It’s important to have a good as much as information about your day, requirements, and any small details which are important not to miss a moment.

Product Quality

If you can be sure that all products are high quality, whenever it’s a digital photo or a print photo, these are delivered at out higher standards. All digital images, are professionally edited, and colour graded before sending out to you.

Unique shots are starting from here...

Unique images are starting from Happy Feelings. Get yours created now and share them with your friends and family!

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